HarvestSprings International

Building A Bridge
Of Hope

Meet The Team

Patricia Ivan is the current chair of the trustee board. She is a compliance manager, family, couple and child therapist, a minister and a conference speaker.

She uses her skills and experience to ensure that the charity operations are managed in compliant and cost effective manner. Her therapeutically and training skills have been instrumental in moving the charity's vision forward.

Tabitha Richards – ‘Tabitha has been a Christian for twenty years. She is married with three children. Professionally, she delivers both PMO and bookkeeping services.’

Shade Adeyemi– ‘Shade is a solicitor by profession, an ordained minister, a sought-after public speaker and a strategy consultant, helping individuals, businesses and charities move to their level for maximum effectiveness.’

Lilieth Simmonds – Lil has a wealth of experience in Social Care, caring and supervising care for the elderly and the young. She is blessed with 3 children and 13 grandchildren.

Francis Robert Ewers – Robert is retired after several years of working with the government in Austria. He is a philanthropist by passion and would love to see poverty erased in the lives of children. He sits on the board of other charities with project in India.

HarvestSprings International is a UK registered charity with charity number; 1150363.

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