HarvestSprings International

Building A Bridge
Of Hope

What We Do

HarvestSprings has a threefold mission. We aim to;

-Relieve financial hardship through local economic empowerment and development and investment key infrastructure necessary for basic life needs.

-Facilitate sustainable wealth and maintenance of developed infrastructure through training, coaching and education.

-Strengthen positive moral and faith values that sustains social development through encouraging the ethical gospel.

We are currently facilitating the relief of financial hardship among people in rural Kenya, especially displaced and orphaned children. Our vision and passion is to build sustainable structure that provides life basic needs and foster development. We do this by providing accommodation, clean drinkable water, food, clothing, recreation and medical aid.

We also believe that investment in less opportune communities are sustained and improved when members within a community see themselves as stakeholders of that community. We support local community initiatives, facilitate stakeholding projects in communities through IT awareness, education, engagement, skill training, leadership training and promoting ethical gospel where faith is a core part of that community.

Harvestsprings International ethos is to be a change agent and opportunity catalyst in communities often missed by larger charity organisation. This means that the charity engages in local fact-finding visits to such communities to truly understand the nature of the need within the communities, the local ideas that people in such communities believe is a solution to the challenge faced in that community and help facilitate the implementation by providing the resources necessary for their local development. This often means we engage highly skilled professional to volunteer their team by visiting the local communities.

HarvestSprings International is a UK registered charity with charity number; 1150363.

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